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We were born based on a combination of construction design experience of Interior Dept of Dat Thu Construction company and a profound understanding of Asian customers through the time and process of selling apartments from HomeNext Corp.


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Interior design can be understood as the functional subdivision of rooms, interior layout in the house so how to harmoniously coordinate all to create a convenient and comfortable living space for homeowners. Therefore, we firmly believe that with the prestige, enthusiasm and professional team will bring you absolute satisfaction when choosing On Home Asia.

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Interior construction is the realization of the designer’s ideas and the wishes of the owner, this is also an extremely important part to complete the house. On Home Asia commits to bringing you a living space that is not only beautiful, modern, convenient, versatile but also shows the individuality of the owner through every interior detail.

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On Home Asia is not only an interior design and construction corporation but also an interior design consultancy for your entire house with many different solutions to bring the most satisfactory choice. And it would be great if you live in a place that is both comfortable and classy but also has a personal impression.

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Check out villa projects that On Home Asia has designed and constructed.



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Check out office projects that On Home Asia has designed and constructed.


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We not only tell the story of the owner but also would like to enhance their lifestyles through all designs which my team has put our heart into.

Experienced and highly qualified

Our experienced team has been serving many customers who are from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan,…We are confident in serving your requirements well.

Innovative design and high quality construction

Our designs not only make sure in terms of aesthetics but also ensure space optimization for a comfortable life. Especially, customers are completely assured about the quality, the project must go through many rigorous testing stages before being handed over. We will bring to customers absolute satisfaction about durability and high aesthetics.

The after-sales service

“Quick response, Quick support”, you do not worry about the problem because our team always support customers 24/7.

Support for rental after handover

We have a experienced support team who has database of tenants. This is a type of added value that we provide especially for customers using On Home Asia service.


On Home Asia owns an experienced team who always dedicated,

explore optimal options for quality and price to achieve the highest performance to serve customers.

Duong Tong

10 years of managing and operating the international team. Having a deep understanding about the cultures of Asian countries.

Nguyen Van Manh
Architechtural Manager

5 years of experience in interior design, design and construction management of terrace houses, villas, apartments,…

Hoai Dung
Senior Assistant

5 years of experience working in the field of furniture, choosing high-class materials for apartments, knowledgeable about interior materials.

Quoc Nguyen
Senior Marketing Executive

Good experience in Digital Marketing and having many years of operation in training about real estate and furniture.

Customers talk about us?

I am satisfied with the quality and the service of On Home Asia. After stressful and hard working days, I became fond of staying home and gathering with family in my own home. Thank On Home Asia for the experiences which you have done!

Ms. Ngoc Tuyen / Thu Dau Mot

I was consulted a lot of companies before decided to choose On Home Asia. On Home Asia makes a good impression on me because of their professionalism and responsibility.

Mrs. Thu Ha / Thu Dau Mot

On Home Asia did not disappoint me. I was especially impressed with the enthusiasm and responsibility of the engineers, and the consulting department. Currently, I feel very satisfied with the wonderful living space which On Home Asia has brought me.

Mr. Duy Thoan / Thu Dau Mot

The joy and pride of the homeowner are to live in a house built according to their wishes. I was very contented to be consulted enthusiastically and thoroughly by On Home Asia’s architect so that my family’s house is very beautiful and we feel very satisfied. Thank you for the beautiful bouquet on the handover date and above all, On Home Asia has done a great job. I wish On Home Asia more and more success and development!

Mrs. Nhung / Thu Dau Mot

On Home Asia have professional construction designers! The architect is qualified and helped my family solve the difficult problem of functional requirements. On Home Asia’s staff is also extremely enthusiastic and thoughtful. They make us feel very satisfied and extremely contented with the new look of the house. Thank you so much, I will always trust and support On Home Asia.

Mr & Mrs Ha Thu / Thu Dau Mot

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5/5 (1 Review)